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Caring for older people essay

Keywords: treatment of the elderly person essay, aged person care,

In general, world considers older people as individuals above the age groups of sixty or sixty-five. This is usually the beginning of later years as a person becomes not as much active in political, public and economical affairs. Though there happen to be elderly individuals who are in very good health and active users of their communities, bulk are the kinds whose physical and mental capabilities will be on the decline. Since they are not able to go along on their own, majority of the elderly people require attention and care from their loved kinds together with friends. Consequently, psychologists use the term elderly health care to make reference to the personal and also medical attention that group of the population receives.

It is obvious that elderly care requires a variety of forms, which range from personal care such as feeding and dressing, to medical attention. Furthermore, the care that a family chooses for its elderly persons will be based upon their needs. It is because a few of the elderly persons may still be in good health while others may be frail. Consequently, a number of them may require home-based care while others may need specialized focus in a nursing house or in a hospital. Whatever the case, the elderly do need some form of care.

In this study, I will focus on the American lifestyle and the Asian lifestyle, and make comparisons between your two, in relation to the aspect of looking after the elderly. For the Asian lifestyle, I shall examine the Japanese. In both United States of America and Japan, the quantity of elderly persons is on the boost. This ensures that both governments have to consider and put in place the very best mechanisms to appeal to this group of the populace. Different communities accord the elderly different kinds of care, according to how their cultures dictate. The way a community perceives later years will therefore affect the way in which in which it treats older people.

The responsibility of caring for the elderly in Caucasian and Japanese cultures lies largely with the woman, because these societies consider her as an innate caregiver due to her maternal abilities and instincts. However, that is also due to the fact that, over time, the woman has fewer options in the financial scene, and for that reason, she remains at home most of the time to take care of her children and older people. On the other hand, when the woman will be able to access the labor industry, she finds herself in positions where she has to provide care for others. Most nurses, college and hospital matrons are women. However, in the above cultures, children also take part in elderly care, as a form of payment for the nurture their parents gave them if they were young.

The American culture places a whole lot of focus on staying young. Consequently, as Samovar et. al. (2009) notes "we find a customs that prefers youth to later years." (p.71). This negative perception of old age makes the young persons avoid staying alongside the elderly and looking after them. The elderly adult population rather than the young adults are the ones taking care of the elderly. This explains why some families in the usa give over their previous relatives to assisted living facilities. This will not however imply that the young cut almost all their links with their elderly family members. They do provide you with support and maintain connection with them. The assisted living facilities are a choice for the elderly persons who have no family or relatives to look after them at home. This is especially the case for many who are actually handicapped and require the aid of another person to look after them.

Though the nursing homes have become the decision for most families with elderly family members, they do include their limitations testmyprep. Many of these institutions for older people have become money-making ventures, therefore reducing their focus on the needs of older people. Poor hygiene and insufficient trained medical personnel and quality treatment along with poor feeding courses are some of the problems older people face in these assisted living facilities. Moreover, placing the elderly in nursing homes limits their freedoms as they need to follow the stipulated program. They cannot select when to feed, rest, interact with their fellow housemates and cannot maintain their belongings. However, nursing homes for older people still remain the option for most American families, as there has not been much accomplishment with home-based care.

On a positive be aware, the elderly individuals in American society have significantly more groups of friends and neighbors whom they can go to for support, compared to the aged people in Japanese society. This means that the American elderly are likely to receive health care from their others who live nearby, apart from their immediate family members. However, the Americans generally have a tendency to give special care to their elderly only once they learn that the latter happen to be facing a medical issue.

However, because the family is still the main caregiver for the elderly, a number of the American families utilize professional nurses to take care of their old at home, instead of sending them away to assisted living facilities. Another reason for this is that, institutions when planning on taking care of the elderly are expensive, and many of these families are not able to afford them. In addition, some families choose to consider their elderly to day nursing organizations, where they receive attention throughout the day and then return home at night. This is ideal for those people who will work and cannot stay with the elderly relatives throughout the day as they have to report to work. It is also convenient for working individuals who cannot afford specialized care for their elderly ones, either in the home or in a nursing institution.

In some instances, the elderly person might be able to live in their own house, and may be strong enough not to require specialized focus and care. In such cases, the members of the family of this elderly person find a house near additional aged people, in areas

where the amenities they need on a day-to-evening basis are readily available. This sort of elderly care attracts the community and consists of them in acquiring responsibility for this group of the populace.

On the economic front, some of the big corporate corporations have introduced profit schemes for their employees, in order to help them in caring for their elderly relatives. The reason being most companies want to avoid losses in production, because of having employees who’ve to work while at exactly the same time look after their elderly family members. Some companies also provide home-based care providers for the elderly, but as a profit-making venture. This however, includes a negative part to it as these privatized products and services are costly and not many families have the ability to afford them.

On the other side, Asian culture of the Japanese has a positive perception of older people. It teaches the children to respect and look after the elderly. The Japanese consider the relatives as the prime caregiver for their elderly, and in this case, it is usually a lady member of the family who carries out this duty. That is because the Japanese believe that it is not so that you can take the elderly to a nursing house as this is equal to neglecting one’s responsibility of taking care of one’s parents. This as well makes the Japanese families supply the required care to their elderly family members throughout their old age, rather than only once they will be facing a health problem.

In the case of aged persons who are not linked to the spouse and children, Japanese wives or their daughters will be the ones who tend to give their elderly good friends the care they want. Sometimes, the daughters-in-law likewise give care to older people, especially if the individual is female. Nevertheless, if other friends and non relatives you live beneath the same roof with the elderly persons, they may supply the necessary care to the latter. This is in contrast to the case of the American elderly who get health care from their family together with others who live nearby.

In Japan, the activity of giving care to the elderly is mainly as an take action of duty, instead of voluntary might. The caregiver considers this act as one that he or she must give, and generally, the Japanese wife will provide the elderly attention at her husband’s demand. The dependence of japan elderly on their immediate family is also evident in the actual fact that most of them count on their spouses and their children for financial support. Because the Japanese believe that giving the elderly care and attention is a woman’s work, the men usually leave this task with their wives. However, though the Japanese men are away from home most of the time, they also contribute to elderly care by giving their spouses financial along with emotional assistance. Again, by participating in looking after their children, they allow their wives to locate time to look after the elderly members of the family.

Elderly attention in Japan even now remains largely in the hands of the family members, especially for many who are not sickly and looking for specialized medical attention. However, caring for the elderly at home is no more the only choice, and households have begun spending the old to nursing homes. This is due to numerous reasons including the aging of the family providing the care along with the increasing involvement of the Japanese ladies in formal training and employment. Additionally, Japanese families are not living in good sized quantities as they did before.

However, the number of nursing homes for older people and professional caregivers is usually on the decrease as a result of the Japanese belief that it’s the immediate family which bears the duty of looking after their elderly relatives. Older people who are in need of hardly any personal and health care remain at home, but get visits from employees who focus on them. This happens either a few times weekly or every day according to the needs of the elderly person. Because of the rising demand for health and wellbeing caregivers for older people, Japan has sought the aid of care employees from the Philippines. These caregivers happen to be more capable and are ready to work at a low pay.

Due to the upsurge in the elderly population, financial resources have not been plenty of to allow families to put their relatives under particular care in the home and in nursing organizations. It is because of this scenario that hospitals in Japan own offered to accommodate older people who are in need of both personal along with medical attention. This way, older people in Japan can gain access to long-term good care. Though on a small-scale, japan elderly take part in volunteering programs where they feature services to the community and in turn, they receive personal along with medical care.

There are however some similarities in the areas of elderly care in American and Japanese cultures. Look after the elderly is still one of many concerns of both USA and Japanese governments, though they vary in their policies. America gives priority to provision of medical attention, pension for retirees and shelter, as the Japanese government developed policies to put in place insurance for every citizen including the elderly, for a long-term period. In both countries, the increase in aging members of the population has put a lot of strain on the medical and also retirement schemes. However, technical advances in treatments have increased and they are being used to improve the life-expectancy degrees of the American and Japanese ageing populations. Again, since women are increasingly entering formal employment, the males in both countries are also becoming a lot more involved in elderly care.

In conclusion, because of lifestyle changes, many people have started residing in smaller groups and families, and are also located far from each other. Consequently, looking after the elderly can no longer be the responsibility of the immediate family group alone, but must be a prerogative of governments, non governmental organizations along with private institutions.